I have a newspaper delivery problem. Who do I call?

If your newspaper was not delivered, or you have any other subscription problems, there is an automated system for reporting all newspaper delivery problems. Call 805-437-0000. The automated system will send a message out to the newspaper carriers.

I heard I can submit my own story. How does that work?

The community is encouraged to write about their own events and news through our YourNews section. Individual photos are also accepted. The stories and photos are published on the website and some are chosen for the print newspaper.

For neighborhood or school events and other items you would like to share with the community, write up a few paragraphs right in the YourNews submission site. Including a photo helps, too. You will need to have an account for VCStar.com, then go to the YourNews submission page.

All stories and photos are reviewed by an editor prior to publication and stories that do not meet our standards for content and/or quality will not be published.

YourNews page YourNews submissions page

Can I order one of your photos?

Photos for private use can be ordered directly from the website by clicking through the link under the photo. Photos that do not have a link to purchase are likely unavailable for purchase. For reprint rights, please contact Visuals Editor Ray Meese.

Where do I send a letter to the editor?

To express a viewpoint or to comment on an issue of general interest, simply do one of the following:

By Email

Send us email by clicking here. This is the preferred method. Please note, we do not accept and will not open emails that include attachments. Please follow the guidelines to the right.

By Post

Editor's Letters, Ventura County Star
P.O. Box 6006
Camarillo, CA 93011
Fax: 805-482-6167

  • Keep letters short. No more than 300 words.
  • Address only one topic.
  • If the letter is in response to something published in The Star, please include the date the item appeared and the headline.
  • Most important, include your full name (not partial initials), full home street address and phone number on each letter you submit. Email addresses also are welcome. If your letter is published, you will only be identified by your name and city of residence.
  • All letters are subject to editing.

How can I get my business profiled in the newspaper?

To be part of one of the regular company profile features that run in the business section, please fill out one of the forms and submit it. Fill out the following form if you are a new business, a franchise or a company that would like to be highlighted. There is often a backup of several weeks worth of profiles, so it may take time for the article to appear in the paper. The features run in the Sunday business section.

How do I submit a classified online?

Classified advertising

You have something to sell? That's classified advertising. Place an ad by clicking here. Or call 805-437-0000.

Display advertising

If you are in business, call display advertising: (805) 650-2900 or (805) 494-0730.

How do I promote an event in the newspaper and website?

You can submit an event for both the print and online calendars. For the print event listings, send a short email with an event description, time, date and contact information to calendar@vcstar.com.

You can directly submit your event to the online calendar here.

How do I submit a press release to an editor?

The best way to alert the newsroom to an upcoming event or story idea is to email a press release to news@vcstar.com. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just include the basic when, where and why and be sure to have contact information so that a reporter can get back to you. The information can be in the body of the email or attached as a Word document. PDF documents and large photo files are difficult.

The website keeps asking me to log in. What is that for?

You will need to have an account with VCStar.com to do a few things on the site, such as write a comment or submit a story or photo. You can set it up at the user profile page.

If you forget your password you can have the system send you the information to the email address you used when you first signed up. Just click the "I forgot my password" button on the sign in page.

Will The Star sponsor my event?

Information about requesting a sponsorship is available at vcstar.com/sponsorship.

Can my community group, class or club tour The Star?

We would be happy to have you. Please download and fill out this tour form (pdf).

How do I contact someone from the newspaper?


Want to email or call a specific reporter, photographer or editor? Contact editors, writers and photographers.


For questions about the website, email us at feedback@vcstar.com. For website bugs, email our webmaster@vcstar.com. For questions about website content, comment policies, email our digital editor, Gretchen Macchiarella.

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